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Soccer ONE starts on or after 4PM EST (1PM PST)
NBA / WNBA ONE starts on or after 3PM EST (12PM PST)
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Tennis ONE game starts on or after 9AM EST (6AM PST)

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Note: The NFL ONE and LOD are never the same game pick. The NFL ONE will always be the top NFL pick of the day, even if the LOD is another NFL game

The Lock of the Day Picks will NOT contain the NHL ONE, MLB ONE, NCAA BB ONE, NBA ONE Pick, or Next 4 Picks. (except if there are 2 games or less in a sport type)
New for 2017: The Next 4 Lock Picks MAY contain the NHL ONE, MLB ONE, NCAA BB ONE, or NBA ONE Picks.

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"Lock of the Day" contains a single pick. The "The Saturday FB 10" contains Top 10 NCAA Football Picks on Saturdays. The "The Sunday 4" contains Top 4 NFL Football Picks on Sundays. The "The NBA ONE" contains our Top NBA Basketball Pick daily. The "The NHL ONE" contains our Top NHL Hockey Pick daily.

"Next 4 Locks" contains an additional 4 Select Picks. It will NOT include the "Lock of the Day", "The NBA ONE", "The NHL ONE", or "The MLB ONE" selections.

For Moneyline sports and "Lock of the Day" and "Next 4 Locks" (NHL hockey, MLB baseball, MLS soccer, etc), we will not include a selection on a game if the early line is greater than -150 where possible.

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